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Maintain your business continuity with 24/7 support services to sustain your operation and production with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions



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Comprehensive services for your digital transformation

  • Industry and customisation
  • Optimisation and adoption
  • Transformation journey
We enhance user experience by leveraging pre-defined and customised uses cases, and industry blueprints:
  • Industry blueprints: Industry use cases provide generic value-added services plus last mile customisation
  • Specific development: Define use cases and co-develop solutions and applications
We assist you and offer continuous presence to maximize your use of our solutions to deliver value:
  • Optimisation services: Optimise Return on Investment (ROI) focusing on security, performance, operational efficiency, and evolution
  • Adoption services: Align technology with business needs and shorten ramp time
We advise and securely deliver technology transitions and cloud migrations to move from ideas to reality, with agility and confidence:
  • Consulting services: Define the best strategy, design the solutions and the plan for success
  • Implementation services: Implement the plan, validate and integrate the latest technologies

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