Improving senior living with technology

Provide a positive and secure environment for clinicians, caregivers and residents with senior living technology.

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Students play a key role in driving innovation

Today’s college and university students’ fresh ideas contribute to the innovative, leading-edging technologies of the future.

Zero trust network

Driving healthcare system transformation in France and Germ…

ALE is shaping healthcare with secure and connected ecosystem transformations from telemedicine to cybersecurity.

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Improve healthcare cybersecurity through Zero Trust

Zero trust in healthcare IT networks secures all access across applications and environments, from any user, device, and location.

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Improving care giver and patient experience through mobility

How digital mobility enables care givers to deliver improved patient care and outcomes, while also improving the overall experience for patients.

Improving senior living with technology

This document provides an overview of how technology can help with residents’ wellbeing, health and security, while improving the workplace for care staff.

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